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Planet Based Landscape Solutions was founded in 2023 by Joe Bissinger of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. We are passionate about the planet and enhancing the landscapes within it. As an entry level landscaper and eventually foreman, Joe felt there was a better and more sustainable approach to landscaping.

"I always thought it was amazing to change landscapes and make the environment beautiful and more visually appealing. However, I could not get past the fact that while doing so we were simultaneously damaging it by using toxic chemicals and petrolium-based fuels to get the job done. My passion for landscaping and my desire to do it without having a negative environmental impact led me to the conception of Planet Based Landscape Solutions. My hope is that I can reduce my personal carbon footprint while simultaneously offering a service to like-minded individuals helping them to reduce theirs as well."

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1.) What makes your company eco-friendly?

Here at Planet Based Landscape Solutions we are always looking for new and innovative ways to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. We currently use all electric commercial grade power tools to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. This cuts down on emissions and reduces our carbon footprint. We also use Exmark Lazer Z S-series EFI mowers for lawn cutting services. This mower, while it is powered by gas reduces fuel emissions by a whopping 41% compared to other commercial mowers on the market; which directly correlates to reduced harmful exhaust emissions, including greenhouse gases. We take pride in our planet and refuse to spray any harmful chemicals as a weed killer or preventative. As we continue to grow and learn more ways to reduce our carbon footprint, we pledge to donate 1% of our annual profits to 1% For The Planet to play our part in helping combat climate change.

2.) Why is eco-friendly landscaping important?

As the population grows and more and more houses are being built, the demand for landscaping services will continue to grow exponentially. Traditional landscaping practices requires the use of petroleum-based fuels as well as the spraying of toxic (in some cases, cancer causing) chemicals. These chemicals, inevitable fuel spillages and emissions are tainting the very environment in which the plants that offer us pleasure, food and oxygen grow. We do not take this lightly. We feel it is our responsibility as a company to change the way the industry approaches landscaping, in a way that puts our planet above all else.

3.) How do I get started?

You can request a FREE consultation via our website, email or phone. A Planet Based Landscape Solutions representative will get back to you within 24-48 business hours to get you scheduled. 

4.) What areas do you serve?

We serve areas within Chester and Montgomery counties.

  • Phoenixville

  • Kimberton

  • Collegeville

  • Chester Springs

  • Malvern

  • Frazer

  • Downingtown

  • West Chester

  • & more!

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